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Why does Disney hate parents? Ever noticed your favourite films always kill off Mum and Dad

Last week, as the rain lashed outside, my daughter and I settled down for an afternoon of family nostalgia. The type that Walt Disney films excel at.

The kind that has given Disney a special position in our house. To us, the brand suggests a world of family values and bygone traditions. A place where, no matter the adversity faced, good WILL triumph over evil.

Disney films speak to our heart and embroider the lives of our children with a sense of security in an uncertain world.

So it was, this rain-soaked day, we laughed and cried our way through a hat trick of Disney favourites: the heart-rendingly beautiful Bambi, the gloriously regal Lion King and the eternally charming Finding Nemo.

But later, I realised something else that binds Disney films, other than good old nostalgic charm: an absence of parents.

Bambi, abandoned by his father before birth, experiences the hunting and subsequent shooting of his mummy. A tragedy that still reduces me to uncontrollable sobs four decades after I first saw it with my own mother.

That’s not all. In the Lion King, Simba is implicated in the death of his father and runs away in a vain attempt to escape his misery.


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