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Why more and more women are identifying as bisexual and ‘no label’ – not lesbian

Women are more and more likely to identify as “bisexual” or “no label” if they are attracted to other women – and less likely to use the old-time favourite “lesbian”.

According to a survey by social dating site Her, there has been an almost 20% drop in the women on its site identifying as “lesbian” in the last year alone.

And among the 85,000 surveyed, there has been an rise from 16% to 27% in those identifying as “bisexual” – whilst those choosing “no label” also saw a steep increase from 1% to 9%.

Robyn Exton, founder of Her app which ran the survey, said figures such as Cara Delevingne and shows such as Orange is the New Black have supported a “huge shift” this year in how women are describing their sexual interests.

“The visibility of queer women until the last year or so was so limited, it was Ellen [DeGeneres] and Clare Balding,” said Miss Exton. “Now you’ve got Cara Delevingne, who’s in her second relationship with a woman, saying ‘I like who I like’. You couldn’t have a more prominent celebrity.”



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