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Why the Washington Power Elite Fears Trump


The recent “Open Letter”, signed by a host of self-proclaimed US “Foreign Policy Experts”, demonstrates the real reason why the Washington Power Elite is virtually apoplectic over fear of a Trump Presidency. Trump threatens to reverse many of the aggressive policies, which have been a source of fun and profit for the Beltway Establishment almost since 9/11!

Just last year, these “experts” and their media mouthpieces were anticipating an election matchup between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. This would have ensured a continuation of the murderous status quo across the Middle East and around the Globe, regardless of the election’s outcome. Instead, a “wildcard” named Trump has bucked the Republican Party, thumped his competition and now threatens to throw a wrench into the entire war machine.

Trump speaks of working with Vladimir Putin; pledges “neutrality” in regard to Israel; and promises to bring an end to our “stupid wars”. This poses a direct challenge to the power, incomes and, in some case, the entire raison d’etre of the letter’s signatories.

That Trump might usher in a new era of détente with Russia is particularly scary, since Peace Prize President Obama has quietly approved a major new nuclear rearmament program. This 30-year, $1 Trillion Nuclear Program is already well underway and is expected to rain money in both Washington and Israel for many years to come!

Still, none of this can be justified without a “New Cold War” in which Vladimir Putin is seen as the “new Hitler”, while the evil specter of the Russian Bear is once again raised to terrorize the American People into supporting nuclear rearmament for “defense”.

Much of the groundwork for this was established when Hillary Clinton’s State Department overthrew the government of The Ukraine, forcing Putin to take steps to protect his warm water naval base in the Crimea and opening the door for the West to scream “Russian Aggression!”. However, a simple handshake between Trump and Putin could put an end to the gravy train in a New York minute.

Similarly, Trump’s pronouncements on “neutrality” and “stupid wars” threaten long accepted norms of DC Beltway Groupthink in regard to “Greater Israel” and have incited a separate group of “foreign policy experts”—namely those dual citizenship Israeli/Americans who have become embedded in the Beltway Establishment and tend to place the interests of Israel over those of the US.


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