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Will Donald Trump take the risk to become another John Kennedy?

Saturday, October 21, US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that he was ready to declassify 3,000 CIA and FBI files related to the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. The same morning, Politico wrote that the head of the White House refused to declassify the documents for reasons of national security.

Donald Trump has an excellent opportunity to take revenge for all the humiliations and insults that the CIA and the FBI have made him go through since his inauguration in January 2017. US special services declared a real war on the head of the White House as they were destroying his reputation by leaking confidential reports about secret connections of the Trump team with Russia.

Now Trump said he would not interfere with the US-stipulated procedure to declassify 3,000 files of the CIA and the FBI about the secret of the assassination of the 35th US President John F. Kennedy, which took place on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, at 12: 30 local time.

It is expected that The National Archives will disclose secret files of the CIA and the FBI about the 1963 tragedy on October 26. In addition, more than 30,000 documents that could be published only in parts will be declassified as well.


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