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Yes, sex slave cults are REAL


Yes, sex slave cults are REAL, and another Hollywood actress just got arrested for allegedly helping run one

Coming on the heels of infamous sex scandals like “Pizzagate,” Harvey Weinstein, and Jimmy Kimmel are new reports about an underground Hollywood sex slave ring co-led by former “Smallville” actress Allison Mack, who was recently arrested for her alleged involvement in luring new female recruits as slaves for her cult “master.”

Mack, 35, was reportedly a direct “slave” of Keith Raniere, the head honcho of a fake multi-level marketing company in upstate New York known as “Nxivm” that basically functioned as his own personal sex trafficking and forced labor cult. Mack was allegedly tasked by Raniere with finding fresh girls to join the cult, which she presented to potential new recruits as a mentorship and support group for women.

After taking the bait, girls who agreed to join were quickly summoned into sex slavery, and were forced to have sex with Raniere whenever he pleased. They were even held down as his initials were burned into their private parts with a cauterizing pen, according to criminal filings, during which Mack allegedly pressed into their chests and told them to “feel the pain” and to “think of [their] master.”

Another one of Mack’s responsibilities was to cajole the girls into offering up “collateral” about themselves, including things like embarrassing photos and statements that could be used against them as blackmail if they tried to defect from the sex cult. It’s a common tactic both in Hollywood and in politics to gather “dirt” on all the recruits in order to keep them from exposing the racket.



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