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‘You can’t buy France!’

‘You can’t buy France!’: Thousands rally against Macron’s planned mass lay-offs

Thousands took to the streets across France on Saturday to protest against President Emmanuel Macron’s public-sector reforms. Protesters decried Macron’s plans for massive lay-offs of workers and tax breaks for the rich.

Protesters were carryingposters bearing slogans such as “Macron, you can’t buy France!” “Stop Macron!” or “Make our planet great again: Austerity, bombing of Syria, eviction of farmers, destroying the public service, pesticides for everyone.” Many accused the centrist president of serving the wealthy elites, while ignoring the plight of ordinary people.

The protests were spearheaded by leftist parties and the country’s leading trade unions, including the influential General Confederation of Labor. The rallies are taking place in 160 locations across France, from the nation’s capital of Paris to the southern port city of Marseille. There, ex-presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon addressed the crowd, denouncing Macron’s reforms.


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