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YouTube Now Deleting Coalition Strike Footage While Jihadist Propaganda Floods Internet

In the past few months, YouTube has made an unprecedented move to censor political outlets which they claim promote hate speech or extremist content. However, as Julian Assange just pointed out last month, peaceful anti-war politicians like Ron Paul are also being snubbed out in the name of controlling the narrative. But now, there is evidence of something even more insidious happening.

Footage of coalition strikes against the Islamic State — arguably the world’s historical view of the war — has been getting not only demonetized, like we reported before, but deleted entirely.

To be clear, this is not propaganda. It is official coalition videos, released by the US Central Command and International Coalition for Operation Inherent Resolve, that are being deleted or having age restrictions applied to them.

As if deleting the world’s only public record of the ostensible war on terror wasn’t bad enough, actual extremist content is rife across the web. Jihadist propaganda remains easily accessible as official records of war are scraped from history. A conspiracy theorist may start to question exactly why that is.

RT notes that as the Ministry of Defense (MoD) in Britain denies civilian casualties in Syria and Iraq while bragging over the death of 3,000 jihadists, the importance placed on the videos as official documents of war is paramount.


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